Healthy Habits: How To End Your Day on the Right Note

Ending your day on the right note has more of an impact on tomorrow than you may believe. From meal-prepping to getting your clothes ready for the morning, setting up your current situation to head into tomorrow prepared and ready is the first step in declaring tomorrow a victory before it even arrives.
The first thing to be mindful of is to surround yourself with people who offer and contribute peace throughout your day. I can’t tell you how many people end their days on bad notes because they spent the majority of it arguing, bickering, and constantly having to adjust their emotions, resources, and energy for someone or some situation that doesn’t add to their emotional, intellectual, or spiritual peace. Everyone you come into contact with will either contribute to building you, or contribute to breaking you. They either add bricks to your foundation, or take away. Learn to distinguish who adds and who subtracts.
This is a step that is overlooked and undervalued. The more you have to digest, sit with, and deprogram from at the day’s end, the harder it’ll be to go to sleep with a clear conscience and peaceful mind. You’re defeating tomorrow by short-changing your potential to get a good night’s healthy rest.
Improve your surroundings one day at a time. It will get better. Pray, plan, and achieve. And above all, don’t let negativity effect your rest.
Forrest Brooks

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